Nationwide Hard Money Lending
Wilshire Fund

Expert Private Lending for Diverse Investor Profiles

Wilshire Fund offers nationwide private lending solutions tailored to meet the needs of all types of investors. With a capital pool exceeding $100 million, Wilshire Fund is at the forefront of redefining the private lending industry. While many competitors are reducing loan programs and lowering loan-to-value ratios, Wilshire Fund is introducing new programs that elevate the lending experience to a higher level, offering a full-service platform.

About Us

Wilshire Fund was founded by experienced investors who identified crucial gaps in the private lending industry, that takes pride in being reliable, trustworthy and most of all transparent. 

Asset-Based Lending

Many of our competitors depend on packaging their loans for sale to larger hedge funds to maintain crucial liquidity. Unlike conventional lending, much of the private lending industry relies on credit and other factors, often leaving numerous real estate investors without viable options. Recognizing that not all borrowers qualify for traditional lending options, Wilshire Fund makes all lending decisions independently. As a true asset-based lender, Wilshire Fund determines its lending decisions based on asset class, location, and borrower experience. While credit and other factors may apply, Wilshire Fund welcomes all types of investors.